Guests, Friends, and Family

Jesus told his first followers to go and make other followers, baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything he commanded. Learning to obey the teachings of Jesus is a primary focus for us. Many of us grew up in a church experience that focused on teachings about Jesus, but tended to ignore the actual teachings of Jesus. We believe his teachings are what should shape our lives – and shape the character and culture of our church family.

At Cornerstone, we want to be a church that is warm and welcoming. But we also want to be a church that helps people to take the next step in their walk with God, whatever that may be. We know we can’t make people follow Jesus. Our part is to provide an environment where people can be inspired and equipped to follow Jesus and put his teachings into practice.

GUESTS: Our primary environment for guests is our Sunday worship service. We hope people who are not members at Cornerstone will feel welcome to come worship with us and that this experience is encouraging and beneficial. We would also love to sit down and talk with those who want to know more about us, have questions about the Christian faith, or want help with learning to have a growing relationship with God.

FRIENDS: For those who want to get more involved in the life of our church, we have a number of activities, workshops, retreats, and service projects that you may participate in. Serving those in our community who are in need is a strong core value at Cornerstone and there are opportunities throughout the year to join us in that work. We regularly partner with other organizations in our area to be agents of change. Please let us know if you would like to attend an event or want help in finding a place to serve.

FAMILY: While we love meeting and getting to know our guests or friends, we believe that God’s design for us is to be intimately connected with a local church – to become family. Members of a church family are designed to work together the same way as the parts of the human body work together: they all have different functions, but they are connected and interdependent.

The primary environment for members of Cornerstone is Life Group. A Life Group is an intentional small group gathering that meets on a regular schedule with the purpose of growing in intimacy with God, community with each other, and influence outside the church. In Life Groups, we pray, study the Bible, hang out, discuss important issues, eat meals – in short, we do life together.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Cornerstone Church, your first step is to attend a First Look Luncheon, in which we introduce you to our church and talk about how you can connect. We want to have the opportunity to talk with you in more detail and go through some scriptures with you, so you can know about our beliefs and core values. We also want you to be able to ask any questions you may have. If you would like more information, you may reach us through the “Contact” page on this website.