Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us...

We are a Christian community that gathers to worship and to learn to put the teachings of Jesus into practice. We embrace Jesus Christ as divine and embrace his Good News of the Kingdom of God as a message that brings salvation to those who embrace it. We strive to show ourselves to be Jesus’s disciples by holding to his teachings, loving each other the way Jesus loved, and making a difference through the good works he has given us to do.

We embrace the Holy Scriptures as God’s primary instrument for introducing this message to the world. We believe the Bible to be inspired by God, a reliable witness to the story of God’s people through the ages, and authoritative for our life and teaching.

We believe the Gospel should shape every area of a believer’s life and worldview. We push back against the impulse to divide our lives and the world into the false categories of the sacred and the secular. We believe God is interested in our whole being, that every part of our lives is sacred, and that God is redeeming all of creation through Jesus.

We believe in a relational God – Father, Son and Spirit existing in eternal self-giving love – who is working to reconcile, redeem, and restore all people to whole relationships with God and each other. Salvation brings people together in community and, because we are delivered from the power of sin, we are empowered to live in unity with each other as God intended from the beginning.

We believe that Jesus calls us together to work for the good of the world, not just ourselves. We pray that our individual lives and our community of faith as a whole are signposts that point to God’s reign on earth – that by our actions, God’s will is done on earth as it is in the heavens.