A few things that shape us and set our direction


Following Jesus. Being Good News.  It is the mission of Cornerstone Church to follow Jesus in his way of living, not only teaching, but living the good news of the kingdom of God, and participating with God in the redemptive work of restoring all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.


In order to effectively fulfill our mission, it is important to be growing in intimacy with God, community with each other, and influence in our surrounding world. Life Groups are designed to help us grow in these important areas because we believe sustained spiritual growth happens best in close spiritual relationships. Our vision is that Life Groups will make up an expanding network of care for our members and an engine of good works in the larger community. We envision ourselves being a community of 300 Jesus followers in 30 Life Groups by the end of 2020.


  1. Seek God. Read the scriptures and meditate on them daily. Pray always.
  2. Seek Truth. Maintain the posture and mindset of a perpetual learner.
  3. Be Real. Acknowledge your weakness and confess your sin to those that love you.
  4. Serve Others. Live into Jesus’s definition of greatness by sharing time, energy, and financial resources with others in love.
  5. Be Kind. Choose to be a blessing to those around you.
  6. Be Hospitable. As people of the table, share a meal with someone inside and outside our community.