Change happens in circles, not rows.

At Cornerstone, we believe humans are wired for community and that spiritual growth happens best when we are connected in close relationships. The environment we provide for this kind of connection is LifeGroups. A LifeGroup is an intentional small group that gathers regularly for the purpose of helping each other grow in intimacy with God, community inside the group, and influence on those outside the group.  The concept is similar to that of “house churches” in the first century (Romans 16:3-5, Colossians 4:15, Philemon 2).

LifeGroups provide a place for heart to heart interaction that can be difficult to achieve in larger gatherings such as Sunday worship services. We say that change happens in circles, not rows. In LifeGroups, we pray, study the Bible, hang out, discuss important issues, eat meals – in short, we do life together. If you are interested in learning more about our LifeGroups or finding one near you, please reach out to us via our Contact page.